Automated intelligence for customs processing

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We are building the next disruptive element for the logistics industry.
Based on Machine Learning, Big Data and Blockchain technology with cloud-native architecture and systems we are in our starting block to deliver breakthrough services at revolutionary low prices.

Stay tuned.

Our Solution Design

Our technology platform provides a fully automated end to end customs process. By fully eliminating manual workload in the process we will become leader in cost, quality and scalability.


What is in it for you?

What drives us?

We all share the passion for intelligent, process driven and automated technology solutions for global supply chains.

A customer centric culture and our undivided commitment to create true value are our driving force.

Pairing this with a workplace culture of mutual respect, trust and empowerment creates the right start-up spirit.

All of that is a lot of fun!

What makes us unique?

We are a dynamic team with interdisciplinary competencies of +50 years management experience in information technology,  process engineering and international logistics.

In a conservative logistics industry environment we dare to challenge traditional patterns and processes to establish game changing innovations.